Area-proportional Euler diagrams with ellipses.


Johan Larsson

Peter Gustafsson


18 June 2018


Set Visualization and Reasoning 2018, Edinburgh, United Kingdom




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    do not always yield accurate diagrams. A promising alternative is
    ellipses, which, in theory, enable accurate diagrams for a wider
    range of input. Elliptical diagrams, however, have not yet been
    implemented for more than three sets or three-set diagrams where
    there are disjoint or subset relationships. The aim of this paper is
    to present eulerr: a software package for elliptical Euler diagrams
    for, in theory, any number of sets. It fits Euler diagrams using
    numerical optimization and exact-area algorithms through a two-step
    procedure, first generating an initial layout using pairwise
    relationships and then finalizing this layout using all set
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For attribution, please cite this work as:
Larsson, Johan, and Peter Gustafsson. 2018. “A Case Study in Fitting Area-Proportional Euler Diagrams with Ellipses Using Eulerr.” In Set Visualization and Reasoning 2018, 2116:84–91. Edinburgh, United Kingdom: CEUR Workshop Proceedings.